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CoreTrust Europe is the leading commercial sourcing agency delivering contract savings to corporations across all verticals via an aligned membership and utilising the power of the collective spend scale.

We share our sadness at Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s passing and we would like to offer our deepest condolences to the Royal Family.

 As our longest serving monarch, Her Majesty has been a beacon of public service and devotion. Her contribution to the UK has been extraordinary and we commend her for her dedication over her 70-year reign.

CoreTrust Europe Supply Chain Assessment

In light of the current situation in Ukraine, CoreTrust Europe is undertaking an immediate assessment of our Supply Chain in order to determine any affiliations with Russian or Belarussian organisations.

We are monitoring the situation daily and will inform our members of any identified risks and associated mitigating actions as they arise in order to enable our members to make appropriate decisions.

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